It's been so long since I shared anything here!

There's too much show everything from the past 5 yrs, so we'll just start with the most recent magic that's been happening.

Some faeries and goblins accompanied me on my trip to Ireland and England this month. 

Here they are exploring the wilds of Kerry, soon to be entering the Labyrinth through the park in West Wycombe.



My piece for 

 'Found Things From Lost Lands'  at 

The Fernie Brae Gallery


Recent Work

Its been far too long since I posted any new work here. The past few years I've worked many jobs at studios. The best work from those projects, the closest to my own, is still under NDA contract until 2019.... so here are a handful of faeries and puppets from recent years.

A brownie troll

A commission portrait

A lovely faery found her perfect match at Oregon Country Fair 2018


My Puppets at Oregon Country Fair 2016
photos by Ashley Siemon


Further experiments in night photography. Whitaker Ponds Portland Or
No filter, no flash. With Tripod


Night photos 2.6.15 Whitaker Ponds Portland, Or
No filters, no flash, no tripod.


New experiments in night photography.
Taken on Imbolc, Feb 2 2015, at Whitaker Ponds, Portland, OR
No filters, no flash.